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The long awaited new F600 Super Duty trucks from Ford are finally here and Real Power has just completed the first-ever installation of a 60kW 480V generator system onto the platform.

While it looks similar to the F550 on the outside, the new truck actually presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities during the installation.  Now that it’s complete, Real Power engineers confirm that the F600 series will support our full range of generator system, from RP020 to RP100, across all wheelbases and cab styles, as well as on both 2×4 and 4×4 drivelines.

This truck is an absolutely ideal platform for Real Power generators because it presents the absolute best of two worlds:

  • The frame design is compatible with Real Power’s exclusive above-driveshaft mount style has the ultimate combination of ground clearance, environmental protection, and smooth power delivery.
  • The higher GVWR over the F550, combined with the Real Power generator’s weight savings gives over 4500lb of extra payload capacity than a traditional F550 & gen set – enough to downsize what used to require a Class 6 truck or F650 to this shorter, lighter, more fuel efficient style.

At Real Power, we install on compatible vehicles of every kind but whenever we get to pick for our customers, this is it.

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