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The long awaited new F600 Super Duty trucks from Ford are finally here and Real Power has just completed the first-ever installation of a 65kW 480V generator system onto the platform.

While it looks similar to the F550 on the outside, the new truck actually presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities during the installation.  Now that it’s complete, Real Power engineers confirm that the F600 series will support our full range of generator system, from RP020 to RP100, across all wheelbases and cab styles, as well as on both 2×4 and 4×4 drivelines.


The most exciting change for the new F600 over the F550 is its heavy duty frame and suspension, which gives it an immense 22,000lb GVWR.  This means that even with the weight of a 16ft van body and lift gate installed on the back, there’s a substantial built-in capacity for payload left over.

A simple roll over the scales demonstrated just how much there was this week, and thanks to the extreme weight efficiency of the RP100 generator we measured over 9000lb of available payload.  So with 65kW of 3Φ power onboard, this truck can still hit the road with more than four and a half tons of equipment and supplies.  Should be enough to tackle any job, and probably more than that.

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