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Over the last several years, Real Power has had the privilege to design, develop and fabricate more than 500 PTO-Driven, chassis-mounted AC generator systems for some of the world’s largest brands.

The gallery below showcases just some of the vehicles we’ve had the honor of working on for our clients who require reliable AC power on-the-go.

International 4300

This specific configuration was designed to fully-power a small medical facility (equivalent​ to powering twenty modern homes).

The power distribution panel was custom-designed & fabricated in-house by the Real Power team.

Ford F-550

As the concrete cutting industry moves back to high-cycle electric cutters, the Real Power Chassis-Mounted AC Generator System has been recognized as the perfect solution to the need for clean, continuous AC power on the go.

This Ford F-550 has been equipped with a 60kW AC Generator System helped ABC Concrete Cutters realize an 80% weight loss while regaining over 50% hauling capacity.

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Ford F-550 | Service Body

If you’re currently operating from a Service Body vehicle, you already know the value of “free space”

Although Service Body vehicles are perfectly configured to haul the tools and gear you need, these vehicles weren’t designed to accommodate an onboard genset.

This TrueLine truck is equipped with a Real Power 60kW AC Generator – Delivering clean, reliable 120v-1ø AC power all day every day.

Thanks to the Real Power Chassis-Mounted, PTO-Driven AC Generator System, even Service Body vehicles are now able to deliver all the clean mobile AC power you need to get the job done…

Without affecting your Service Vehicle’s hauling capacity.

International HV

The challenge presented to Real Power for this International Radar Truck was to pack as much AC power as possible onto its chassis while maintaining strict ground clearance requirements and weight considerations.

At the end of the day, Real Power’s Chassis-Mounted, PTO-Driven AC Generator System was the only answer. If not for our in-house capabilities to custom design and fabricate the hardware required, this 150kW system wouldn’t be possible anywhere else on the planet.

Ford F-550 Van Body

When specific AC power combined with custom AC power distribution on-the-go is required, Real Power’s Chassis-Mounted, PTO-Driven AC Generator System is the only solution.

Our client partners at Precision Concrete Cutting tasked Real Power to develop a solution that would allow the truck to simultaneously deliver 480v 3ø and 240v 3ø.

The Real Power Engineering & Design team custom-designed & fabricated the solution in-house, eliminating the need for an expensive voltage regulator switch.

Chevrolet 3500 HD | Mobile Welding Truck | Fifth Wheel Equipped

When a pipe in the remote backwoods of Iowa needs to be repaired, the first concern for most welders is access to available power.  But, not for Real Power customer, Steve Hammons.

Steve’s 12kW Real Power Chassis-Mounted, PTO-Driven AC Generator System allows him to deliver services to wherever his truck can navigate.

One of the biggest benefits of the Real Power system is how much power we can make available without infringing on hauling capacity.

Due to the Real Power solution, Steve was able to add a 5th-wheel hitch to his vehicle; allowing him to pull a camper behind his truck.


Real Power chassis-integrated generator systems provide more power in less space with better quality than any alternative. Across our full range of products, your nearly invisible generator system will give you all the power you need with the same piece of mind as plugging​ into a wall outlet.