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Real Power leverages Digital ECM Technology to be the brains behind the brawn; delivering massive amounts of AC power while intelligently managing power distribution and fuel efficiency


The perfect Combination of brains and brawn

Never before has it been easier to deliver a nearly unlimited amount of AC power at just the flip of a switch

Real Power is the first to integrate your vehicle’s TCM and ECM into a direct drive configuration. This proprietary solution is the brains behind the brawn of our Chassis-Mounted AC Generator Systems.

With just the flip of a switch, Real Power delivers all the power you need, anywhere you need it all while maximizing fuel efficiency and power distribution.

The Real Power solution makes our Chassis-Mounted AC Generator System more than just a mobile power option…

It makes Real Power the industry leader.

RP180 RP130 RP090 RP060 RP050 RP036 RP020 RP015 RP012
Continuous Power Rating 180kVA 126kVA 90kVA 60kVA 51kVA 36kVA 20kVA 15.5kW 12kW
Generator Type 4-Pole 1800RPM
2-Pole 3600RPM
Available Voltage 480V, 3Φ
208V, 3Φ
240V & 120V, 1Φ
Gen Assembly Weight(lb) 1264 1105 774 631 565 460 331 200 175
Generator Diameter (in) 18.1 18.1 15.1 15.1 15.1 12.7 12.7 9.0 9.0
Generator Length (in) 34.9 31.8 30.1 27.2 24.7 24.6 20.3 18.1 18.1

Real Power generators are in a spectrum of power capacities, depending on your truck size and application. From 12kW all the way up to 180kVA, you get clean, continuous sine wave 50/60 Hz electricity in single or three-phase, 120vAC to 480vAC, with no converters or simulators.

Whether you drive a heavy-duty pickup or cab chassis, delivery van, Class 6 and larger vehicle or need to retrofit an existing vehicle, Real Power has you covered. No matter how big or small your power requirement, we’ll custom-engineer a mobile power solution that meets your needs.

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Real Power chassis-integrated generator systems provide more power in less space with better quality than any alternative. Across our full range of products, your nearly invisible generator system will give you all the power you need with the same piece of mind as plugging​ into a wall outlet.