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What do you do when you need to recharge electric vehicles in remote and rugged locations?   You call Real Power.  And what do we do when your equipment calls for a little more than the standard Level 3 power?  We build a mobile supercharger.

While 50kW Level 3 charging is perfect for roadside recharging of small EV cars, some vehicles require up to twice as much power to keep their charge times down. 

When that happens we look to our RP150 generator to bring the muscle.  Mounted on a truck with an Allison 3000 transmission, the generator is more than capable of running a full size 94kW EV charger, which fits nicely inside the back of the truck. 

The RP150 generator cuts out an enormous amount of space and several thousand pounds of weight compared with a standalone diesel generator set of the same ratings.   That means after being turned into a mobile supercharger, the truck itself still has room and axle capacity to haul all the supplies and equipment needed on site.

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