Limitless AC Power – Wherever You Can Drive

Real Power® – A fully integrated AC power generation system designed exclusively for your truck.

If you’re in construction, keeping your city utilities working, putting out that fire or tending to that roadside accident, operating a mobile business, or just trying to keep your office running during a power outage, you need power.

And if you’re working at a remote job site, you need mobile power. Traditionally, you’ve been limited by your options:

  • an expensive, environmentally unfriendly portable generator that takes up precious room in your truck bed (some even require a trailer);
  • an inverter-based power-generation system that can cause serious damage to various components in your truck (such as batteries, alternators, electronics, etc.); relying on a land-based generator system;
  • or simply trying to do without.


Fortunately, there’s a better option: Real Power, the world’s first true AC generator designed to work off your truck’s existing power take off (PTO) gear.

Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 12kW all the way up to 180kVA, chances are we have a system that will fit your needs.

To get Real Power, call 877.670.7325 or 317.876.1530 or email us at info@realacpower.com