Why Real Power?

Real Power is singularly focused on integrated mobile electric generator systems.


Real Power chasiss-integrated generator systems provide more power in less space with better quality than any alternative.  Across our full range of products, your nearly invisible generator system will give you all the power you need with the same piece of mind as pluging into a wall outlet.

More Bang for Your Buck

Real Power systems are less expensive, logistically and operationally more convenient, and safer for you and your equipment.

Minimal Maintenance

With no added engine or complicated fluid systems, Real Power eliminates almost all the maintenance of a traditional power generation solution.  Simply follow the standard maintenance schedule of your truck, rinse the generator inlet filter, and lubricate the driveshaft connections on a periodic basis and your generator will be ready for the long haul.

Better Than a Genset

Real Power systems use your highly advanced, digitally controlled engine and transmission as the power source. Compared with mobile diesel generator sets our products are:

  • More efficient

  • More stable under changing loads

  • No additional fuel tank, oil, DEF or exhaust systems

  • Less than 20% the size and weight

  • Easier to use

  • No additional trailer needed

Safer than Hydraulics

Real Power Generators are driven by a direct mechanical connection between the power source and generator, while hydraulic systems use a fluid pump and motor. As a result, Real Power has:

  • More precise frequency and voltage control, which protects the lifetime of your electronic equipment

  • No risk of toxic leaks requiring hazmat cleanup

  • Far greater fuel efficiency

  • Superior power range (hydraulics systems max out at approximately 20kW)

More Powerful Than Inverters

Inverters work by taking DC power from an alternator and chopping it into a “pseudo AC” waveform. Since Real Power uses true AC generators at a fixed RPM, it grants:

Less noise on the power line

More power (inverters max out at approximately 10kW)

No potential damage to OEM electrical system or accessory drive system


Real Power is a division of Contour Hardening Inc, an award winning, Tier 1 supplier of induction hardening equipment to the automotive industry. Contour Hardening has been in business for 35 years, shipping tens of millions of components to customers all over the world and maintains an ISO 9001/TS 16949 certification.

We have multiple patents on designs that result in the most efficient, economical and reliable delivery of clean AC electricity to remote locations, and we’re subject matter experts on PTO integrated mobile generator systems.

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