What We Do

We deliver reliable and mobile power to the job site.


At Real Power, we deliver reliable, industrial-grade power on mobile platforms. Our patented systems range from 10-200kW and represent the most efficient and economical delivery of reliable 60Hz, 480V, 3 phase power. How do we do it? Our equipment is designed to work directly with your truck’s engine, giving you a minimized capital investment, a reduced operational burden and decreased maintenance issues.

Powerful and Efficient

A modern work truck engine, transmission and ECM are incredibly sophisticated, powerful and efficient. With a Real Power system, the truck you already own is the power source. By virtue of this arrangement, our systems are less than 30% of the size and weight of a comparable generator set.

Completely Portable

Real Power is completely portable–anywhere you can drive your truck, you can have all the power you need. Our generator system is small enough to fit conveniently below deck–no need to buy or rent additional equipment, or bring a tow-behind generator.


Real Power works with a variety of industries with an even larger set of goals and requirements. Whether you need a little power to run your tools on the jobsite or enough power to run an entire building, we’re here to help you get the job done. Click the links below to learn more.


At heart, Real Power is an engineering organization. We take pride in providing a broad range of solutions and services to customers across all industries.

Kit Sales

If you have a compatible vehicle or fleet of vehicles, we sell complete kits for installation by your technicians. Every kit comes with all the necessary hardware, electrical distribution components, output panel, and a full assembly and installation manual.

Integrated Mobile Generator System Design

For those with a new vehicle or a unique need, we can design a solution for any need on any suitably equipped platform.

Platform Recommendations and Energy Audits

Still in the design phase? Our team are industry experts. They can offer guidance on selecting the right vehicle platform and power generator required to accomplish your goals.

System Installation and Service

Our fully equipped installation and service center can install and service Real Power systems on vehicles up to 26,000 pounds.

Turn Key Solutions

Real Power also provides finished, turn-key solutions, designed by us from the ground up.

Short or Long Term Leases

Whether you need emergency back-up power, Level 3 charging for an EV event or reliable power at a job site, we have a temporary solution for you.

Let’s start a conversation and find the best solution for you.