Real Power Connection Panel

The safest and most reliable method of connecting generator power to facilities.

#1 Fast, Safe, Reliable

Real Power connections panels are a proprietary Real Power product sold in parallel with our generator systems. They enable Real Power generators to power existing facilities with safe and efficient cable connections. Setup takes minutes and operation is instantaneous with the throw of a switch.

#2 No Operator Electric Certification Required

The connectors on both the truck and connection panel are color coded and embedded inside door flaps with cam-lock connections. The shape of each connector prevents it from mating to any but the correct cable. Furthermore, each door cover can only be accessed once the previous connection has been made correctly–this ensures that ground and neutral are always the first in and last out.

#3 Tamperproof

Cables route through the bottom of the Real Power Connection Panel and the corresponding Truck Connection Panel. Once the connections are made both panels can be shut and locked to prevent the possibility of tampering during powered operation.

Plus, 208V and 480V panels with 200A and 400A ratings are available depending on the facility requirements.

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