Project Description

Satellite Healthcare

Business Challenge:

Satellite Healthcare operates a regional network of dialysis treatment centers that either do not have or are not suitable for a permanent land-based backup power solution. While dialysis is not considered as a critical care-type service (eg immediate restoration of power required to prevent loss of life), renal dialysis care clinics require power to be restored within a few hours to maintain operations and prevent loss of revenue stream.

  • Needed Mobile Solution

  • Needed efficient, affordable backup power option

Real Power Solution:

Customer uses box trucks to deliver and service equipment and supplies within an assigned region. By using Real Power’s generator system and fitting a building connection panel at every site, Satellite Healthcare is able to support multiple sites with an integrated mobile generator platform. This provides the flexibility and capability to grow their network without the need for major capital investments associated with the acquisition and installation of permanent land-based backup generator systems at every location. An integrated mobile platform also ensures that the generator’s engine is used daily and will start when needed.