Mobile Platforms

When your truck IS your business, Real Power helps you achieve what you never thought possible.



For industries where large scale power is integral to the operation, go mobile with up to 200kW of clean reliable AC power built right into your truck. No need to find shore power, haul a trailer, or spend thousands of pounds of your weight capacity on a generator power source.

Save weight and space, increase efficiency.

Even if you only need 15- 50kW to run your operation, Real Power systems cut down on the space, weight, and maintenance cost of an integrated generator set.

Mobile Onsite Document and Drive Shredding

  • Vastly more efficient and powerful than a hydraulic system, with no risk of leaks
  • Less shock and vibration traveling back to your engine from the cutters
  • Weight, space, and fuel savings translate directly to more time in the field
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Spray Industry

  • Create a streamlined all-in-one vehicle with room for the equipment and supplies you need for any size job
  • Eliminate the noise and vibration from the genset stowed at the back of your work space

Mobile Communications Vehicle and Command Center

  • Simple, efficient, and easy to operate generator system lets you focus on the task at hand
  • No extra engine to start, push-and-play operation
  • Precise, low-noise power delivery ensures the safety of delicate equipment

Mobile Electric Vehicle Charge Trucks

  • Full scale Level 3 DC quick charge capability, off the grid
  • Excellent for EV rescue, remote charge networks, OEM testing, long distance travel corridors
  • Up to 100kW on a small footprint cab-chassis pickup or Class 6 200kW multi-station charge rig

Mobile Water Processing and Purification

  • Break free from shore power and still have room for all your pump and filtration equipment
  • More power means more throughput (GPH)

Mobile Service and Support Trucks

Take your repair shop right to your customer’s door with an integrated power system that offers no loss to work space or payload capacity

Concrete Cutting

  • All-in-one concrete trucks relieve you of the burden of secondary trailers and redundant generator systems.
  • Underdeck generator grants you the space you need for all your cutters, saws and other tools.

Drilling, Cutting, and Welding Operations

  • Enormous amounts of electrical power, built right into the frame of the vehicle
  • Clean, precise AC waveform, courtesy of your truck’s oversized engine and state of the art controller

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