How it Works

Chassis integrated, PTO powered, shaft driven, electric generators.

Real Power Generators Convert Your Truck’s Existing Engine Into Clean, Portable AC Electricity

  • Mounts to the Frame
  • Driven by your Power Take Off (PTO)
  • Connected with a direct mechanical linkage to the generator (no hydraulics)
  • Controlled automatically by your vehicle’s engine


Installed generator sets require users to operate an entirely separate engine and control system. Controls are often outside the cab meaning workers shuttle back and forth between their work, the generator, and the driver’s seat. Towed generators are even worse, as they require a grounding rod and a second operator. Real Power generators offer a far simpler approach:

Real Power generator systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your needs.

12–36 kw Generators

Fits on trucks as small as a Ford F250. Tucks completely underneath the frame. 2 and 4 pole options available.

42–100 kw Generators

Mount invisibly under vehicles Class 6 and higher. Overdeck configurations on cab-chassis pickups for extraordinary power density.

100–200 kw Generators

Side mount on vehicles Class 6 and higher.

What you’ll need:

Diesel Engine
Automatic Transmission
PTO Option

Will my truck work?