Government and Military Applications

Real Power provides powerful generator equipment that weighs less and is more efficient than traditional gensets.



Worldwide, diesel generator sets are one of the military’s largest consumers of fuel. Real Power reduces this burden by offering generator systems that are more efficient, smaller, and substantially less weight.

Driven by Your Existing Engine

Real Power systems mount to the frame of your existing vehicle and are powered by it’s engine via a direct connection to the Power Take Off (PTO).

Virtually No Space to Claim

Real Power generators mount under-deck to the frame of your vehicle, leaving all of the functional space free to serve the vehicle’s primary mission.

No More

With power options ranging from 10-200kW, our systems eliminate the need for towed generator set trailers, simplifying your agency’s operations and transportation costs.

Fuel Economy

Your vehicle’s existing digitally controlled engine is larger, more advanced, and more efficient than traditional generator set engines, with significant implications for both fuel requirements and power stability.

Vastly Superior Power Density

Given the elimination of the engine, frame, fuel system, and exhaust that comprise a traditional genset, Real Power generators save over 80% on space and weight when compared to mobile diesel generator systems.

Power (kW) Real Power Weight (lbs) Mobile Diesel Generator Set
15 250 1500
36 500 4200
100 800 6700
200 1200 9900


Real Power expands your operational capability, providing everything from small scale power for electrical equipment to large scale generation for entire buildings, all without compromising your vehicle.


– Onboard and Exportable Power
– Mobile Field Power and Microgrid Support
– Mobile Command and Communications
– Mobile High Power Battery Charging


Our generator system design is a “tried and true” technology with thousands of units shipped worldwide. It is weather rated from from -50 to 140F and has been proven in a variety of challenging environmental conditions, including cold weather testing in International Falls, MN; hot weather testing in Death Valley, CA; and high altitude performance testing at Pikes Peak, CO. The generators are all brushless commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) AC alternators, which means they contain no expensive and difficult to acquire rare-earth materials such as neodymium. No modifications to vehicle software are necessary to complete the installation.

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