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Real Power generator systems are used primarily for work truck applications ranging from ¾ ton pickups to class 8 rigs.  Your truck will need at least a diesel engine and an automatic transmission with PTO option.  From there, we can work with you directly to assess exactly which options are available.

Real Power systems have been installed on hundreds of different truck platforms.  Because truck configurations change regularly and because the size of your generator is an important factor on how it mounts to the truck, it is always best to talk with us in advance if you are considering purchasing a new truck and Real Power system.

From Real Power.  Real Power sells directly to end users, upfitters and bodybuilding companies.

Many of the systems we sell are installed at our facility by our expert mechanics.  However, complete kits with full installation manuals and videos are also available for some applications.  Call us up and together we’ll figure out the best way to get you up and running.

No, Real Power does not make any modifications to your truck’s factory equipment or software.  Your truck’s PTO was designed specifically for devices that enable you get work done, and that’s exactly what your Real Power system will do.

No, your diesel engine work truck is extremely sophisticated and designed to run 500,000 – 1,000,000 miles including plenty of stop/start driving in the city. Real Power generator systems run the engine at an RPM that’s both constant and lower than driving down the highway, resulting in negligible wear.

Standard Real Power warranty is 1 year for new systems.

Under normal operating conditions, Real Power’s anticipated life is expected to equal the life of the vehicle in which it is installed.

Real Power.  Contact us directly with any questions about your system.

Yes. Real Power AC Generators and connection panels are designed to operate in rugged jobsite environments, including rain and snow.  Operate it wherever you would use your truck.  However, it is never safe to run electrical equipment of any type in standing water conditions.

No. Runtime is only limited by the working order of the truck engine and transmission and fuel in the truck. Our systems are designed to run your equipment all day at the jobsite or provide back-up power for multiple days if needed.

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